Vocational school

The PIKeeBB project aims to sensitize trainees to the issues of climate change and climate adaptation. To this end, exemplary teaching materials were developed for various training professions as well as for interdisciplinary teaching. The development, testing and pilot implementation was carried out in close cooperation with teachers from various training institutions (OSZ). All materials follow the approach of enabling the trainees to take ecological impacts into account in their economic work processes and to strengthen them in their ability to develop and implement individual adaptation measures in their professional field.

Materials in German are available for the following topics:

Climate Change Changes – Identifying Regional Impacts and Developing Measures

This unit focuses on the identification of regional consequences and the development of measures. The materials can be used in political, economic and social studies, but are also suitable for interdisciplinary cooperation with German or English lessons.

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The Impact of Climate Change on the European Health System

This teaching unit deals with European health policy. It focuses on how the consequences of climate change affect health and how European health systems, especially in Germany, respond to these changes and their consequences.

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Will Climate Change Still Be Insurable in the Future?

With the help of this teaching unit, the trainees gain an overview of the development of extreme weather events in Germany. The findings help them to advice to future customers both on concluding and amending their homeowner insurance contracts.

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